Do Penis Extenders Work

How Do Penis Extenders Work?

Penis extenders are very effective for the reason that they only apply a mild force slowly to gradually increase your penis. This action is named traction. Some may tell you that you are only stretching the penis, but it is more complex than that.

To better figure out the functionality of penis extenders, it can be helpful learning a bit of penile anatomy.

anatomy of the penis

The penis has the base or root segment, the shaft which also incorporates the glans, as well as the encircling skin tissue. A suspensory ligament attaches the penis to the pelvis and also will provide support at the time of erection. The urethra is a narrow pipe passing from the bladder to the prostate and then going along the ventral side of the penis to the glans, where it will eject sperm and urine.

Enclosing the urethra is smooth structure zone called the spongy body. A pair of similar tissues named corpora cavernosa go parallel along the upper side of the penis and wrap around the two major arteries bringing blood into the penis. Practically, the corpora cavernosa are the parts which gives most of the blood and size to the penis throughout erection, so it is the volume of these parts which we want to enlarge in our mission of much bigger penises.

As you may by this time have learned, the penis is not a muscular organ; it has, rather, spongy tissue a lot like our stomachs and other body organs. This suggests that no any working out could enhance the size of the penis, as we may imagine with our lean muscle.

Because of that, people must find some other ways when they try to improve the dimensions of their penis. If we discard surgical procedure, and we should certainly, forget about pills and the like, stay away from exercise routines that will be useless, then we only have penis extenders as the single productive strategy.

Now, what will happen if we target our penises to directed stretches of traction force? At the microscopic scale, stretching leads to tiny tears in the tissue cells, and this create an automated reply from the body to build new structure in the region, gradually increasing your penis.

As a bonus, it encourages better flow of blood in this area and blood vessels improve their capacity for the new blood volume. This creates a lengthier and a bit bulkier penis. Men typically also experience harder and firmer erections.

Best Penis Extender

The SizeGenetics™ extender takes advantage of this scientific concept, which is already used in the limb extending therapies. Actually the first stretcher models were used by penis augmentation surgeons to provide patients better results after surgical procedures. So, it is a time-honored and already proven penis enlargement method.

Do Penis Extenders Work

Main features of the SizeGenetics System:

  • Will lengthen the size of your penis 
  • Help to straighten penile curvature 
  • Used by penis augmentation surgeons 
  • Medical Type 1 Device 
  • 2300g force – faster gains 
  • 58 Ways Comfort System 
  • Clinically proven and designed for men young and old 
  • Backed up by scientific studies 
  • Will increase confidence in your sexual life 
  • Recommended by the most prominent doctors 
  • Over the 15 years of success 
  • Quick shipping from the depots in the UK and USA 
  • Mass media coverage, including Channel 4 and GQ Magazine 
  • Great Bonuses such as PenisHealth online access and DVD 
  • 6 Months Money Back Guarantee

What makes SizeGenetics different from its competitors is a 58 Way Comfort Strap, which means that the product could be worn in 58 alternative ways.

Almost all manufacturers only provide you one way to use theirs, and if the unit is unpleasant to wear, users will not experience good results. If you have an improved comfort level, you are going to use the device for longer, so your results will come faster.

Faster GainsAdditionally, the system has a MDA (multi directional angling) structure and comes with Revita Cream and Traction Plus Powder to make the usage even more convenient.

SizeGenetics™ is currently having a campaign, so that when a client sends their before and after images, they would receive a complete money refund i.e. you can get SizeGenetics 100% Free!

No other manufacturer gives such an opportunity and is a great reason to pick this device over alternative systems.

SizeGenetics™ comes with a 6 month guarantee. Simply use the product for 4 months, and if you see no gains you will get your money back! A lot of companies offer you some form of guarantee, but lots of them have unfair conditions or do not offer guarantee for full 6 months.

Finally, there is an amazing $50 Discount! Use discount code WORLD50 on the checkout to get $50 off the regular price!

To achieve the best results possible, the time and effort is needed from your part. Penile enlargement is a relatively long procedure and people have to use the unit for 4-6 hours on a daily basis. From my experience it is best to use them 2-3 hours when you wake up or at daytime and then another 2-3 hours in the evening. Also, be prepared to use penis extender for some 6-8 months to experience massive gains.
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